Apologies for the less words expressed to my blog yet, well I guess this is another point today, don’t just look from one angle.. I did 20pst while I was doing a tiramisu and a laudry, but will give you more Poem on free thinkers and judgeless of lifestyles and BigDH on patronising types.. Thruth its hard to digest I know but its the only way to get thinks right.. My ex stayed a little pain it’s nice a lot it violence well agreed but she is right Im good, I’m good she is wrong, I’m right she left me all alone

Love this guys, 100 💯 for the thumb bass and a massive Yeah to all the band #Vulfpek

Published by johndinotte

Well well born in a night of storm 91 in the month of death, stars called the Cusp Of Revolution.. and I guess that's just the right category. heavy child wood, music from 8, Brick and cement 16th as lost on those power tones.. I remember gatecrashing my cousin room where he had a thunder Vester guitar and I still him my first 3CD.. Paranoid Black sabbath - Metallica KillemAll - Appetite for Destruction and the story buzz up but I'll keep it writing it as I'm not a jusf a normal type 💪💯😜

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