There’s always a place a curlyhair node,Bday_..one13of1000in5billiomstars one way Flyght to the next Flippers strike to the in the love of 2matching stars, out the flower of its beloved mother but washed away of its nature before it’s time like cardinal bird 🐦 teach and mixed to sound and sing rebellious and glorious and dream full pleasuring the ear of its man beloved friend that by food foolish him do proud of it beautiful behing cagethough he belong and got a cat his saying its is enemy and don’t sing when he’s around as he could heat me so to protect me he give him food and send him out.. Spring it’s here, and I singing out of breath, there’s is a brother with a flash blue look and black pearl in a golden ring neck, He’s saying are you a flower or a birth? What? The cat jumped he flyes there’s a bang a metallic sound tha sonic the pussy freak mouth freak sound, find my self flying high in the sunlight so hight when I look back I saw where I belong, made some friends around and more by the years I felt sad about the men, so I came back to tell him a nice story but with sweets and treat I’m back in cage with all my family from my promise on a friend that sells dreams sounding like heaven as the new gate hadn’t bars changes just graphites draws in a reflection of words with its time made it a rule and by the time I was dead generation of garden singing flowers in the blindness of memories

I wrote this as did really happen, in the past, in the future to yesterday night. Like this story that with Hurth I wrote a song from a singer with hope for the hears hope those minds lost of hope, close the problem and be hakuna matata Xxx

Published by johndinotte

Well well born in a night of storm 91 in the month of death, stars called the Cusp Of Revolution.. and I guess that's just the right category. heavy child wood, music from 8, Brick and cement 16th as lost on those power tones.. I remember gatecrashing my cousin room where he had a thunder Vester guitar and I still him my first 3CD.. Paranoid Black sabbath - Metallica KillemAll - Appetite for Destruction and the story buzz up but I'll keep it writing it as I'm not a jusf a normal type 💪💯😜

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