the Fitzgerald Love, the sun of its love gift shine so bright behind glasses hides around the corner of the city , while peace made is sign peoples still leaving their rubbish around as they where owners of the lands , the laugh and leave alone behind them shade of lost love in their soul of nature . I thank the light every moment to worm up those in the corners of solitude to refresh them with water when their thirsty to send em a beautiful sound when they feel down and to make em dance like Ella when they feel alone. Here behind the shades of phone screens the kings of lights together behind glasses of one are moving like old-time hip-hop movements in those words like bullets in the wind like clouds in sky shoot em out of the why we move em cos we shine like lumens to keep you up even at night as the sun won’t go away till midnight and you know I’m right cos you seen it with your own eyes as the boy surfing those roads like California’s waves on jazz movements improvising like piano key to a sax in bed on every notes so hot to make you stand out of the bed , so early in the morning that you just go to the market to that fish in bless of Jesus eyes like sea water and dark blindness to keep the evil away and your soul on the boat for a long way to heaven where the only think I had in that time was an hornet the sound of sea and story of love towards that golden beach of love in the shade of a palm trees and wonderful times

#trees #birds #oneway #comeon #imwaiting #foryou #togetthat #boat #inthehouse #oflingards #13 #youknow #bring #yoursmile #tonight #imwaiting

Published by johndinotte

Well well born in a night of storm 91 in the month of death, stars called the Cusp Of Revolution.. and I guess that's just the right category. heavy child wood, music from 8, Brick and cement 16th as lost on those power tones.. I remember gatecrashing my cousin room where he had a thunder Vester guitar and I still him my first 3CD.. Paranoid Black sabbath - Metallica KillemAll - Appetite for Destruction and the story buzz up but I'll keep it writing it as I'm not a jusf a normal type 💪💯😜

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