Xylophones and finger wood sticks and edgings of rocket balls to tune those keys of piano of metal doors but pin by that hip hop style that my brother Lu send em on the cab all over the globe for you to hear for me to know that its love and no more Bollocks. Come on!!

Days of ancient myth powers radioactive resonances a lost communications in worlds to melody behind frequency’s by melody transmittance in the wings of honey resonances behind the spidere tails of guardians to cross over pains lost in the darkness voices of demons confusing the lights by mixing clouds where my girl hides waiting me to breakthrough em like god in hell to light that clipper and put a blunt in lungs of my worst enemy so that smoke will give him what I been holding for centuries in 7 points but not to boring as 1 leaves and got it to you I’m smoke

Published by johndinotte

Well well born in a night of storm 91 in the month of death, stars called the Cusp Of Revolution.. and I guess that's just the right category. heavy child wood, music from 8, Brick and cement 16th as lost on those power tones.. I remember gatecrashing my cousin room where he had a thunder Vester guitar and I still him my first 3CD.. Paranoid Black sabbath - Metallica KillemAll - Appetite for Destruction and the story buzz up but I'll keep it writing it as I'm not a jusf a normal type πŸ’ͺπŸ’―πŸ˜œ

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