#AAA hello there dear peoples I need your Help!!

I came to an understanding that life its the best gift that this world has been giving me and won’t be a better gift I could have received from the love of my beautiful family. Unfortunately my identify was stolen thanks to the computing system and from 3 trillion that I should be enjoy with them we only got lots of work and time robbed by given attire and duties that leaved us poorly and took as apart … My old man its not well and I’m really worry I won’t have him from long .. I’m stuck in London with no much of a single room and a loaf of bread as food.. I really want to make him happy and give him the dream of its life that has never had , so I’m asking support to bring me back in Sicily and tale us in Tour as musician in Love to the city we always believed to been born in notes of Blues the Illinois of New Orleans like Ragusa we names and Brand this Band from Morris town to the End in Love together with you Peoples of Big Hurt X (jimihovis@gmail.com) come in touch

Published by johndinotte

Well well born in a night of storm 91 in the month of death, stars called the Cusp Of Revolution.. and I guess that's just the right category. heavy child wood, music from 8, Brick and cement 16th as lost on those power tones.. I remember gatecrashing my cousin room where he had a thunder Vester guitar and I still him my first 3CD.. Paranoid Black sabbath - Metallica KillemAll - Appetite for Destruction and the story buzz up but I'll keep it writing it as I'm not a jusf a normal type 💪💯😜

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